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It is great food. But, don't take our word for it...

Jacob, Nolley Elementary:

Jacob, a fifth grade student at Nolley Elementary, argued his case at the Summit County Courthouse that Rendino's has the best pizza. Click the image to the right to read his report.


As a youngster, Travis predicted that his life would revolve around Rendino's Pizza. Click the image to the right to read more.


Patty - I'm sure by the name you know who I am. It has been a few years since I have been in the restaurant. I would like you to know that I moved to Charleston, SC about 3 years ago and every time I come to Akron, Rendino's is my 1st stop. I miss your pizza like crazy!!! I have NEVER had a pizza like it and believe me I look everywhere. I don't know if it is the ingredients that have stayed the same forever or just the atmosphere but your pizza tops them all...

The Real Matt:

You want to overdose on pepperoni? Then eat Rendino's Pizza!!! Awesome crust. Great flavor in the sauce. No one else compares.

Russ Pry, Summit County Executive, Congratulates Rendino's on 40 Year in Business:

Rendino's has been a fixture in our area providing quality Italian carry-out food for generations of families.... Click here to read more.

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Nolley 5th grade students at the court house
Jacob and his fifth grade class at the Summit County Court House
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Travis' Prediction
Travis' prediction...
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