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Excerpts From The Suburbanite

June 26, 2006, Portage Lakes Spotlight, THE SUBURBANITE

Who has the best pizza in the Portage Lakes? It's a matter of tastes

PORTAGE LAKES - It's a popular Friday night meal and (some say) one of the best breakfast foods for college kids on the go. Regardless, pizza is one of the favorite foods in the Portage Lakes area, with Plenty of Options to choose from.

At The Suburbanite, we believe that pizza isn't just a food, it can be a way of life. So for the choosiest among you, We've sent a team of reporters into the field to find the best of the best in the Portage Lakes area. Each of our pizza connoisseurs visited shops and chains in the effort of finding our favorite place to catch a slice, and the results are astonishing (and tasty!):

3651 Manchester Rd.
Award: Best cold pizza

Another family place the hit on a favorite recipe 35 years ago, it holds up even after refrigeration as one of the better pizzas to eat cold.

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